Find the best online cloud Torrent Downloaders

✓ Secure, anonymous & encrypted torrent downloading

✓ No need to install anything

✓ Download your favorite torrents with super fast speeds

✓ Stay safe and protect your privacy


What is a Cloud Torrent Downloader and how does it work?

Cloud torrenting is private, secure and lightning fast. Nothing has to be downloaded and everything is done in the browser. Pick a torrent you want to download and copy the link into the given platform. It will then download on the cloud downloader's servers in high speed.  You can access your torrents on all your devices thanks to cloud storage and you can transfer your files without getting anywhere near your hard drive.

What advantages does a Cloud Downloader offer?

When you torrent from home, your IP is shown to everyone unless you are using a cloud torrenting service. Anyone else downloading that torrent can see your IP — including governments and ISPs. In many cases, slow connections and data caps can limit how much you torrent.Cloud torrent services operate on powerful dedicated servers with uplinks much faster than a home connection. Popular files are cached by providers and you get instant access instead of waiting for the download to finish. Torrent, download or stream any video in high quality and with subtitles on any device with an internet connection whether it is a computer, smartphone or tablet. You do not need to download or install anything.

More security and anonymity online with a Cloud Torrent Downloader

Your personal connection and IP address is in no way involved in the process of downloading a torrent. All cloud downloaders torrent for you using their own servers which are SSL encrypted.

Finding the right Cloud Torrent Downloader

There are many options of cloud torrent downloaders. There are many differences when it comes down to price, user friendliness, download speed and more. It is important to compare all options before making your choice. We have tested all well known providers and made our recommendations from those tests. Our list offers you a overview of the best cloud torrent downloaders. You can of course always contact us with any questions you might have.
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