Cloudload review

Our score

The Good.

Cloud is another online torrenting platform. It has above average download speed and works on various devices.

The Bad.

The customer support was very slow. We encountered a problem and it felt like for the entire free trial we were trying
to solve it. There was no built in Anti-virus which is a fairly big minus. Many torrent files can be harmful for your computer.

You are able to stream online, but HD streaming is not included. That is unfortunate because you are not able to utilize the above average download speed and download HD quality files.

The Conclusion

Overall a good system, but a let down from customer support and HD streaming.

  • Great tool for online torrent fetching
  • Above average download speed
  • Works on various devices
  • Antivirus protection
  • Mini $5,98 / month
  • Medi $9,98 / month
  • Mega $17,98 / month
  • Maxi $29,98 / month
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