Torrentsafe review

Our score

The Good

Torrentsafe is very simple to use. It has a chrome extension so you can start downloading torrent files very fast. Seeding ratio is 3:1 which is also very nice. There is online playback so you can stream in your browser.

The Bad

There is no HD streaming which is a shame, this we believe should be integrated in. There do not have much integration other than the chrome extension. Overall design feels very dated and not modern.

The Conclusion

Good client for old school users that do not care about design and overall capability. If you are looking for many integrations, and many features than this one is not for you.

  • Simple to use
  • Seeding ratio 3:1
  • Online playback
  • Chrome extension
  • Annual $3,33 / month
  • Subscription $4,59 / month
  • One month pass $5,69 / month
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