Torrentsafe review

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The Good

Torrentsafe is the torrent service you would show to your grandparents because it is a straightforward input and that's all. The seeding ratio 3:1 is excellent and allows you to add torrents from private trackers as well. It is very anonymous, you don't have accounts but a license key you add anywhere to use the premium features. The speed of torrent downloading is not that bad, but sometimes you would expect a faster rate. The main page is translated into many languages, which cover English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Greek, Dutch and Portuguese. If you are using Chrome, you can download and use the official Torrentsafe browser extension that adds any magnet link directly to the downloading queue. If you download mp4, you can use the HTML video player to stream it inside of the browser. And the video guide is a fantastic starter for new users because after just one minute they can use all the features of this service.

The Bad

Torrentsafe is too simplistic for advanced users. Its video player doesn't support all formats, and there are no settings or no converter so a lot of times you can not count on this feature. The extension is only for Chrome and supports only magnet links. It would be nice to widen the supported browsers and add direct link support. The storage is very limiting, it is a chronological list and Torrentsafe stores your files only up to 7 days. It is not usable in the long run to store content. The download speed from its servers is slow and has its issues with specific geographical locations. There is no antivirus scan that would protect you against malware. And there is also a lack of connectivity means like FTP server, SFTP or even sync to Google Drive. The auto download button has its own mind and sometimes changes to ON without user knowledge, which is more than just annoying. The whole website is not fully optimized for mobile devices.

The Conclusion

Torrentsafe is a service you use once or twice to get something, but you don't commit for more time. That is because it is a very basic service that lacks features other competitors have. The multiple language options are helpful to make it easier for people not fluent in English. Video playing should get serious rework to match others. It is a service that is quick to get into, but you will discover that you want more than a simple download button.

  • Simple to use
  • Seeding ratio 3:1
  • Online playback
  • Chrome extension
  • Annual $3,33 / month
  • Subscription $4,59 / month
  • One month pass $5,69 / month
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