Our score

The Good

Premiumize me has many integrations for their platform and multiple devices. User friendly and easy to use.

The Bad

From their homepage and pricing page, it is not very clear as to what you are getting. There is no specifics listed with
what offers and what plans they offer. There is also no trial, which probably prevents a lot of users from joining.

Download speed was not very fast, much slower compared to our other downloader tests.

The Conclusion

If you risk paying and trying out the platform, it has a lot of integrations and is user friendly. Unfortunately the
speed is slow and does not have as many functions as other online cloud downloaders.

  • Fast and reliable client
  • Cyberlockers support
  • Wide offer of plugins
  • EUR 9,99 / 1 month
  • EUR 24,99 / 3 months
  • EUR 69,99 / 12 months
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